18,000↑ increase in likes
increase on the political party's FB page (May 27th to June 18th 2015)
350,000+ views
The campaign's main video was a hit
2,200+ shares
The campaign's main video was shared amongst the Danish people

Liberal Alliance 2025-plan

For the Danish parliamentary election of 2015, we produced a video campaign for the Danish political party Liberal Alliance. In collaboration with the party’s skilled communication team, we produced a video explaining their 2025-plan.

Our ambition was for the video to communicate the 2025-plan in a way that was easy to understand without being too heavy.


Vote NO on December 3rd

Short animation videos

Together with the 2025-plan video we produced a series of short animation videos that could entertain while also communicate Liberal Alliance’s politics. We also created a quiz format that let the audience participate in the video by guessing silly prohibitions.

Looking to convey a political message? We’ll make it informative and easy to understand.